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      March, 17 2019 - Katie
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Unhappy with how my appointment went and turned out, and I usually love going here and my hair always turns out fabulous. First of all the girl that colored my hair ended up getting it all over my face, and instead of trying to wipe it off when it was wet she left if to dry and ended up staining my face. Then while she was cutting my hair she wasn’t sure if she could get the left side to match the right, and I only asked for a simple frame of the face. And I don’t know how the back turned out because she did it so quick and kept on going with everything else. I didn’t need my hair blow dried or anything cuz I just wanted a simple braid that she drowned in productand instead of just using a bit of water, the braid wasn’t even centered and full of bumps everywhere then she proceeded to cover it in 2 kinds of hair spray so that it was crunchy. And not to mention the whole thing took 3 hours for a color, simple trim and a single braid. All I want to do now is wash it out but I don’t want to waste the money I just spent. The only good thing that came of today was that I learned I will not be booking an appointment with her again and probably won’t ever be back.
Services received :
  • Color with Tammy
  • Single Braid with Tammy

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